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Email is the fastest way to reach us.  Click on the  "Email RotorNorm" button at the bottom of any page of our web site... or if you like to type our address is

Please be aware that we attend a number of Ham-fests during the year and may not return calls until we return home and have access to our inventory  records and reference again, Email is the fastest way to reach us

  Telephone  * 205-419-7071 as of July 2017
 99% of the customer contacting us do so by email...those who on occassion call, have cell phones with unlimited nation wide calling and order to hold our everyday low prices we have discontinued all of our toll free numbers...As of July 2017, note that this is a NEW phone number... all  phone or fax numbers on past invoices or other correspondence no longer belong to us...but Email is the fastest way to reach us

For Repair Service Ship your Rotor1 and/or Control Unit1  to:

Norm's Rotor Service
448 Green Glade Rd
Birmingham, AL 35244
We attend a number of Ham-fests through-out the year and therefore cannot guarantee we will be here during regular business hours. We occupy manufacturing, warehouse  and shipping facilities and our liability insurance states that the public cannot be allowed in these facilities.
  "Drop-in" visitors cannot be accommodated. 
 Rest assured that we can almost always ship goods more cheaply than you can buy the gas to find us!
1 Unfortunately, we cannot accept  foreign- made rotors or control units for repair. Parts for the foreign-made units are simply not readily available in this country.


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