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If you are interested in purchasing a rotor and/or control and already have one...please supply info in part 1 + the installation info in part 2.

Part 1

bullet what is your rotor doing or not doing? symptoms please!
bullet what are the numbers stamped in the bottom of your rotor?
bullet what is the model and series printed on the label located on the back or bottom of your control?


If you are interested in purchasing a rotor and/or control and this is  a new installation please supply this info.

Part 2

bullet what do you plan to turn with it? make and model antenna?
bullet how do you plan to mount the rotor?  in a tower on a rotor plate or using a mast adapter? If tower which tower make and model. How high will tower/mast be?
bullet what is the length of the rotor control cable and how old is it?

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