At Norm's Rotor Service, service is who we are. Our technicians have experience in repairing almost all American-made rotors, even those no longer in production, and our emphasis on quality has made NRS one of the best-known service facilities in the country.  

Email us with the following information...

bulletwhat is your rotor doing or not doing? symptoms please!
bulletwhat are the numbers stamped in the bottom of your rotor?
bulletwhat is the model and series printed on the label located on the back or bottom of your control?
bulletwhat do you plan to turn with it? make and model antenna?
bullethow do you plan to mount the rotor?  in a tower on a rotor plate or using a mast adapter?
bulletwhat is the length of the rotor control cable and how old is it?

We will respond with a RETURN AUTHORIZATION.  You can then send us your rotor and/or control box and we repair/rebuild it using original manufacturer's parts (Norm bought them all!). Each rotor and control box  is tested on the appropiate original CDR, CDE, Telex, Hygain or Alliance factory test fixtures (Norm owns them too!) to ensure that the rotor and control box you get back are like "factory new." 

We sometimes get phone calls from customers who ask, "Why did you send me back a new rotor, instead of sending back my own?"  Our answer is, "That is your own rotor. . .  it just looks and works like new."

For Repair Service Ship your Rotor and/or Control Unit  to:

Norm's Rotor Service
448 Green Glade Road
Birmingham, AL 35244
Please, do not ship in original factory boxes if you consider the boxes collectibles...most of those 20 and 30 year old boxes we receive are dry rotted and not capable or making the return trip to you...all boxes received are broken down weekly and sent to recycling.

Rotor Repairs*

Model Labor Rate additional charges

CDR, CDE, Telex and Hy-gain Rotors

AR, BT, TR & CD 44/45 series rotors $100.00 + parts and shipping
Ham-M, Ham-2, Ham-3, Ham-4 & T2X rotors $125.00 + parts and shipping
HDR-300/A series rotors $250.00 + parts and shipping

Alliance Rotors

Alliance HD-73 or HD73-1 rotors $100.00 + parts and shipping
Alliance U100 or U110  (NO OTHER MODELS) $50.00 + parts and shipping
M2, Yaesu, Wilson, Channel Master or RadioShack rotors We have no parts or manuals for any of these rotors and are unable to repair.

Control Unit Repairs

 Model Labor Rate additional charges
Alliance U-100, U110 controls $30.00 + parts and shipping
Alliance HD-73 & HD-73-1 controls $60.00 + parts and shipping

CDR, CDE, Telex and Hy-gain controls

CD-44, CD-45, Ham-2, Ham-3, Ham-4 &T2X (original analog 3 paddle controls) $60.00 + parts and shipping
AR series, BT series and Ham SP (braille) with integrated circuits $75.00 + parts and shipping
TR-44, Ham-M old style brown bakelite with single lever on front $60.00 + parts and shipping
HDR-300/A series & DCU digital controls. $150.00 + parts and shipping
M2, Yaesu, Wilson, Channel Master, or Radio Shack Controls

We have no parts or manuals for any of these rotors and are unable to repair.


Custom rotor control cables cut to length with your choice of connector pre-installed.  Have a complete play and play rotor, control and cable shipped back when you send your rotor and control to be rebuilt 

Available for any model rotor and control unit combination that we sell or service, just tell us how long a run you will need.


 We warrant our work and any parts that we install in your rotor or control box.

* Prices do not include shipping.  Shipping is determined by weight, destination, carrier and speed of delivery desired for each order.  Click here to see typical shipping times.


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