Norm's Exclusive - Rotor Exchange Service

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Isn't it great fun to climb your tower, take the rotor and mast apart, climb back down with the rotor, ship the rotor off for repairs, and then wait .... and then when the repaired rotor is returned you get to climb the tower again, and go through the whole hassle again.  Really great fun, right? 

* * NOT ! ! ! * *

Norm stocks rebuilt rotors for over a dozen different rotor models.  This  allows us to offer an incredible service unmatched by anyone.  We can supply almost any model rotor on Norm's exclusive rotor exchange program, allowing you to only climb your tower once!  


NRS offers an incredible service...! 



Click on the link at the bottom of this page and Email us the information requested below. 



We'll check availability and send you the same model rotor, completely rebuilt, with our standard NRS warranty


bulletWhen you receive our rotor, then you can climb up JUST ONCE, replace your rotor with our exchange rotor, and then send yours back to us. 


bulletWhen we receive your rotor, we rebuild it completely and place it in our inventory for the next person.  We bill you ...
bullet    $90 labor PLUS PARTS and shipping, for the Ham series and T2X series rotors, 
bullet    $75 labor PLUS PARTS and shipping for all others.

Exchange and rebuild and return are the same cost to you, as if you shipped us your rotor for repair and waited for it to come back. 

 But . . .  the saving is only having to hire a tower crew of bucket truck @ $500 a day for ONE  trip up the tower!

Email us with the following information...

bulletwhat is your rotor doing or not doing? symptoms please!
bulletwhat are the numbers stamped in the bottom of your rotor?
bulletwhat is the model and series printed on the label located on the back or bottom of your control?
bulletwhat do you plan to turn with it? make and model antenna?
bullethow do you plan to mount the rotor?  in a tower on a rotor plate or using a mast adapter?
bulletwhat is the length of the rotor control cable and how old is it?

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Norm's Rotor Service

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NEVER, EVER schedule a bucket truck or tower crew for an exchange rotor 


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